Go No Sen

Tori takes control and throws Uke, not by opposing but by following the direction of Uke’s action.

Tori must spark Uke’s attack and absorb the move in order to gain control

Despite the appearances, it is not UKE who decides to attack, it is TORI who encourages UKE to do so. Tori takes control as soon as she/he walks towards UKE, even before the Kumi kata.

The Go No Sen No Kata was created by Kyzo Mifune.

His sequence was formalised by Mikinosuke Kawaishi.
Igor Correa contributed to making it sober and direct by giving it a Sen No Sen form.

This kata can be performed in the simple Go No Sen form, or the Sen No Sen form.

Sen No Sen is the most accomplished way because it is led by the notion of URA, it allows Tori to be in the intention of Uke’s attack before it happens