Sharing is taking an interest in sensations and sharing one’s research with others.
The sensations of projection and release are refined with a partner who cannot remain the same.

Working with new partners in order to try to improve your sensations by always questioning yourself, and always seeking to improve your understanding of the original Judo (Junomichi), so that the movement is always lighter, and more efficient (more efficient and less energy).

Progressing in Original Judo (Junomichi) means working and researching with everyone, regardless of size, level and mood.

The “little ones” as well as the “big ones”.

Sharing is learning to work and getting to know all the people who practice with you, whom I meet during weekday classes, during a normal daytime class and during a seminar or workshop.

The sharing of sensations cannot be done without conviviality, without the desire to value oneself as a better human being.