Our federation of Original Judo (FIAJ) was celebrating the Kagami Biraki to welcome our beings into this newborn year 2023.

The theme for this important moment was Koshiki No Kata.

During this celebration, we approach this ancient kata as the symbol of the circle of life through an infinite movement.

The apparent stops represent the uncertainty in life where we remain suspended. Tori and Uke are then, floating before the Ukemi in order to feel the pleasant sensation of « No Gravity ».

Life is driven by ongoing momentum. its power is the reflection of our commitment to this life.

Centuries ago, this ancient kata was a tool for warriors. Dr Kano, saw that once the concept of killing is put aside, Uke might represent Tori’s past life and the difficulty to control the inner energy.

Tori, know that this fire has to be tamed in order to be transformed into constructive power.

The Koshiki No Kata, within this approach, can be seen inside the Kime No Kata, Nage No Kata, Ju No Kata, Randori and also within the Shiaï.

Shiaï was a very important part of our ceremony. During this moment, we could clearly feel the impact of studying Koshiki No Kata.

We could feel what type of person we are, with no possibility of hiding our minds.

Seventy-five years ago, our host, Jacques Ellner started judo.

Seventy-five years ago, our host, Jacques Ellner started judo.

Decades ago, he moved away from Sports Judo to join Igor Correa Luna in order to retrieve the Original Judo (Junomichi) created by Dr Kano.

His generosity is a reflection of his longevity in his study of junomuchi

This very important event took place in Epernay in France for 2 days.