Second Seminar Ju No Michi School Scotland (Member of the Federation FIAJ)

The Second Seminar organised by Judo School Scotland went as planned.

We study Shizent Tai by using Kano’s creation,

  • Osae Waza (Katame No Kata),
  • Koshi Waza (Nage No Kata),
  • the first five techniques from the Gonosen No Kata (which were applied in Go No Sen and Sen No Sen ways).

After 6 continuous hours, the study was gradually conducted on a series of Shiai.

The following day, (only based on invitation only) we continued the research to link Ju No Kata and the control of Uke during a Randori and a Shiai.

Sunday, only on invitation, we carried out research to link and understand the links between Ju No Kata and its application in Randori

So far, Judo School Scotland (Junomichi School Scotland) has a school located at Inch Park Community Sports Club.

On Friday, 3rd March 22023 at 19H00, Judo School Scotland (Junomichi School Scotland) will open its second school at Oxgangs Neighbourhood Centre

We teach Japanese Jujitsu and original Judo (Junmichi) for beginners.