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The menu of the last session 17th March was made up of the following:

1 – Oi Tsuki and Gyaku Tsuki and the Hara position move

2 – Jujitsu Randori with Atemi.

3 – We continue to learn and feel the Atemis, Oi Tsuki and Gyaku Tsuki and link them with a control.

4 – Mae ukemi, Ushiro Ukemi

5 – Junomichi randori

Oi Tsuki and Gyaku Tsuki.
Uke encompasses the Uke’s attack to apply Ippon Seoi Nage o Tai O Toshi and control Tori with a control on the arm.

6 – Kime No Kata, Ryote Dori

The Inaugural session

On Friday the 3rd of March, we had our first Junomichi (Original Judo) and Japanese Jujitsu class in Oxgangs Neighbourhood Center

The new students were very committed to this very first session.

The purpose was to use the partner’s momentum and direction to apply an action.

We’re looking forward to the next session on Friday at 7pm at Oxgangs Neighbourhood Centre

We concluded the class with an introduction to wrist and hand control: Kote Gaeshi and Kote Mawashi.

You are very welcome to join Oxgangs Neighbourhood Centre
Every Friday at 7pm.

Oxgangs Junomichi School

NEW Original Judo (jUNOMICHI) and Japanese Jujitsu School in Scotland.

Oxgangs Neighbourhood Centre SCIO

For Beginners (and not beginners)

Inaugural class Friday 3rd March 2023 at 19H00

Age: Teenagers and Adults

Address: 71 Firrhill Drive, Edinburgh, Scotland

Register: https://judo-school-scotland.scot/membership-form/

You can make as many sessions as you wish for free until you decide to take a commitment.

It takes time to make a such decision.



Our federation of Original Judo (FIAJ) was celebrating the Kagami Biraki to welcome our beings into this newborn year 2023.

The theme for this important moment was Koshiki No Kata.

During this celebration, we approach this ancient kata as the symbol of the circle of life through an infinite movement.

The apparent stops represent the uncertainty in life where we remain suspended. Tori and Uke are then, floating before the Ukemi in order to feel the pleasant sensation of « No Gravity ».

Life is driven by ongoing momentum. its power is the reflection of our commitment to this life.

Centuries ago, this ancient kata was a tool for warriors. Dr Kano, saw that once the concept of killing is put aside, Uke might represent Tori’s past life and the difficulty to control the inner energy.

Tori, know that this fire has to be tamed in order to be transformed into constructive power.

The Koshiki No Kata, within this approach, can be seen inside the Kime No Kata, Nage No Kata, Ju No Kata, Randori and also within the Shiaï.

Shiaï was a very important part of our ceremony. During this moment, we could clearly feel the impact of studying Koshiki No Kata.

We could feel what type of person we are, with no possibility of hiding our minds.

Seventy-five years ago, our host, Jacques Ellner started judo.

Seventy-five years ago, our host, Jacques Ellner started judo.

Decades ago, he moved away from Sports Judo to join Igor Correa Luna in order to retrieve the Original Judo (Junomichi) created by Dr Kano.

His generosity is a reflection of his longevity in his study of junomuchi

This very important event took place in Epernay in France for 2 days.

Good Bye 2022

On Wednesday the 14th of December 2022, Judo-Junomichi School Scotland, during the class Original Judo and Jujitsu for beginners, we said goodbye to this year with sustained practice and a glass of friendship.

We will celebrate the Kagami Biraki with our federation in Epernay (France) on the 2nd and 3rd of January. During these 2 days, we will have the opportunity to study the essence of Original Judo (Junomichi) and get ready for Randoris and Shiaï by thorough practice of the Juno kata and Koshiki No Kata.

Some representatives of Judo Junomichi School Scotland will be there.

Kagami Biraki 2019

Then back, we will celebrate our Kagami Biraki during the class on Wednesday, 11th January.

If you are not a member of Judo-Junomichi School Scotland and wish to attend this special new year session, you are welcome to register here.


Chris Cameron, Tony Henry, Louise Baker, and Scot Mc Millan made a demonstration of their knowledge and Goshiwhat they could also invent to create their own approach.

hey have reached the step towards the 5th Kyu (Yellow belt) which is:

– Principle of Tsugi Ashi

– Nake No Kata: Uki Goshi and Haraï Goshi

– Demonstration of the encompassing principle in Osaekomi Waza: Kuzure Gesa Gatame and Kuzure Yoko Shiho Gatame

– Presentation of 20 minutes of personal creation in Judo (Junomichi) and Jujitsu (Tori – the giver and Uke – the receiver).

– The understanding of the Ukemis ( The receiving body)

– The capability of helping the partner.

Program for these 2 days seminar



Yoko Ukemi.
Commitment to Yoko Ukemi
Work on the feeling of the weight between the 2 feet to keep the Hara active

Mae Ukemi.
Engagement in Mae Ukemi
Work on the constant weight between the 2 feet

Ushiro Ukemi
A forward Backward movement

Ne Waza.
Tori’s commitment gives direction to the continuity of the movement
The decision to preserve control in Uke’s direction
Initiation to Go No Sen towards Sen No Sen’s ability to invite Uke to take the direction suggested by Tori

Work based on Katame No Kata
The sequence of 3 directions of control is based upon the Go No Sen principles until UKE reaches a dead end and is forced to give up.
Yakusoku Geko to go towards Randori.

Tools from the first 3 GO NO SEN NO KATA techniques.
1 – Work on the decision on the step.
2 – Decision to take action within the movement
3 – Study in all directions, Yakosoku Geiko, Randori

Sunday morning

Osae Waza and Shima Waza. Go No Sen to initiate a direction for Uke.


The DECISION is in all directions.
Yakusoku Geiko and Randori

Sunday Afternoon.

KATAS are alive tools to improve our Judo Knowledge.

– Katame No kata
– Study of Ju No Kata
– Study of Go No Sen
– Study of the first movement of Koshiki No Kata.


Working theme: Decision

Saturday 25th June, we emphasised the work on what makes us Ju No Michi (Orignal Judo) practitioners.

The foundations to get the state of mind of a Judo practionner.

DECISION. – How to decide as soon as you step onto the mats.

The mentality of judo practitioners (and why we are not judo players). – Why is opposition only the result of fear and prevents from making a decision in an instant/now?

The decision inside the UKEMIs.

Why is opposition only the result of fear and prevents us from making a decision in the instant/now, for ourselves and then for the partner.

Ju No Kata. The link between Osae Komi Waza and Ju No Kata is to understand and feel the link between Mind and Hara to make decisions without thinking.

Sunday 26th June

During our 7 hours session, we emphasised the research and then feeling of the connexion between the Hara and the Mind to consolidate the decision process with the help of the study of the first 3 actions of Katame No kata and Go No Sen.

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