Chris Cameron, Tony Henry, Louise Baker, and Scot Mc Millan made a demonstration of their knowledge and Goshiwhat they could also invent to create their own approach.

hey have reached the step towards the 5th Kyu (Yellow belt) which is:

– Principle of Tsugi Ashi

– Nake No Kata: Uki Goshi and Haraï Goshi

– Demonstration of the encompassing principle in Osaekomi Waza: Kuzure Gesa Gatame and Kuzure Yoko Shiho Gatame

– Presentation of 20 minutes of personal creation in Judo (Junomichi) and Jujitsu (Tori – the giver and Uke – the receiver).

– The understanding of the Ukemis ( The receiving body)

– The capability of helping the partner.


Working theme: Decision

Saturday 25th June, we emphasised the work on what makes us Ju No Michi (Orignal Judo) practitioners.

The foundations to get the state of mind of a Judo practionner.

DECISION. – How to decide as soon as you step onto the mats.

The mentality of judo practitioners (and why we are not judo players). – Why is opposition only the result of fear and prevents from making a decision in an instant/now?

The decision inside the UKEMIs.

Why is opposition only the result of fear and prevents us from making a decision in the instant/now, for ourselves and then for the partner.

Ju No Kata. The link between Osae Komi Waza and Ju No Kata is to understand and feel the link between Mind and Hara to make decisions without thinking.

Sunday 26th June

During our 7 hours session, we emphasised the research and then feeling of the connexion between the Hara and the Mind to consolidate the decision process with the help of the study of the first 3 actions of Katame No kata and Go No Sen.

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