Learning is a life time project

The menu of the last session 17th March was made up of the following:

1 – Oi Tsuki and Gyaku Tsuki and the Hara position move

2 – Jujitsu Randori with Atemi.

3 – We continue to learn and feel the Atemis, Oi Tsuki and Gyaku Tsuki and link them with a control.

4 – Mae ukemi, Ushiro Ukemi

5 – Junomichi randori

Oi Tsuki and Gyaku Tsuki.
Uke encompasses the Uke’s attack to apply Ippon Seoi Nage o Tai O Toshi and control Tori with a control on the arm.

6 – Kime No Kata, Ryote Dori

The Inaugural session

On Friday the 3rd of March, we had our first Junomichi (Original Judo) and Japanese Jujitsu class in Oxgangs Neighbourhood Center

The new students were very committed to this very first session.

The purpose was to use the partner’s momentum and direction to apply an action.

We’re looking forward to the next session on Friday at 7pm at Oxgangs Neighbourhood Centre

We concluded the class with an introduction to wrist and hand control: Kote Gaeshi and Kote Mawashi.

You are very welcome to join Oxgangs Neighbourhood Centre
Every Friday at 7pm.