Fee and Conditions

  Price per session
  Number of session per week
TermsNb of weeks per term123
Term 16£24.00£36.00£49.50
Term 28£32.00£48.00£66.00
Term 39£36.00£54.00£74.25
Term 46£24.00£36.00£49.50
Term 55£20.00£30.00£41.25

Membership fee: £20 per year.
Insurance: £10 (Optional)

The 2 first sessions are free in order to see if this suits you.

Price for the family: 50% cheaper for all other members of your family (partner in life, stepchildren and in laws are considered as a member of the family)who comes along with you.
For example: for 2 sessions a week, your annual fee will be £197 and for your member of the family the price will be £98.5. The total will be £295.5

Concessionary 30%

I don’t do this for business and make money nor to get a living.
The profit will be re-invested to organise and/or participate to seminars.

The fees are just to cover the expenses.

No refund is possible. However, if you missed sessions, you can always come to the other school to catch up on what you may have missed

Bank transfer:
Sort Code: 80-22-60  Account Number: 22986060
IBAN: GB27BOFS80226022986060

As a reference, write your name and surname

Payment in Cash, when you turn up.

I don’t teach for money; the fee is just to cover my expenses.

If you register for two classes and miss a class, it’s not a problem. You can attend another class at a different school.

If you choose to participate in extra sessions, you are more than welcome to do so. Payment for these additional sessions is entirely up to you.
I’m not skilled in accounting and prefer to leave practitioners responsible for their actions and decisions.

The total cost with mast is about £500 a month (Rent plus tatamis).
If we reach the number to cover all the expenses, the profit will be
kept to organise seminars free for people from Junomichi School