In 1974, in order to remain close to the original judo of Jigoro Kano, Igor Corréa Luna (born in Uruguay) (1919-2000) founded JUNOMICHI.

While Judo evolved into a competitive sport based on opposition and physical strength, Junomichi retained the original principles of Jigoro Kano’s Judo.

Igor Correa Luna was an Eighth Dan, judoka, and outstanding teacher. He was director of the Technical Commission of the JUNOMICHI Federation for twenty-six years.

The KOKOROZASHI as illustrated below is the
JUNOMICHI / JUDO practitioner symbol.


It means: “The purpose of life with the intelligence of heart and will.”

“As a symbol, the Kokorozashi defines the practice of JUNOMICHI as the same time it gives a purpose to the judo practitioners.
Loïc Le Hanneur ( Judo practitioner and 7th Dan ) lived in Japan for several years

Jigoro Kano
Judo founder
(1860 – 1938)
Igro Correa Luna
(1919 – 2000)