Membership and Fees

Membership and Enrollment Fees from 29th August 2022 to 6th July 2023

We provide 2 Original Judo (Ju No Michi) and 1 Martial Art Jujitsu session per week

You have 4 ways to enrol.

1 – One-off session
2 – A yearly commitment for 1, 2 or 3 sessions per week (for 36 weeks)
3 – A term commitment for 1, 2 or 3 sessions per week (for 12 weeks)
4 – A 4 weeks commitment for 1, 2 or 3 sessions per week.

The price is split into 2 parts (Except for the One-off session):
1 – Full rate
2 – Concessionary rate

In order to apply for a yearly, a term or more than 1 monthly commitment, students are required to take a membership.

Adult: £ 24 and renew £20
2 family members: £ 38 and renew £28
3 family members: £ 52 and renew £41
Concessionary: £14 and renew £11 Plus £8 per new family member.

First session: You do not pay. If you are happy to come back, the price will be included in your commitment as described below.

Refund policy: When Martial Art Judo-Jujitsu (Junomichi) Scotland students take commitments, this is for a given period of time.
Unless there is a major reason (accident, decease within the family or friend, surgery, sickness) and if we are informed, we will refund or the period will be extended.
However, an extension will not overlap with the next season.

We worked out the fees to cover our expenses for:
1 – Venue
2 – Tatamis
3 – Insurance
4 – Printings

One-off session: £5

Fee for a year commitment (See the calendar for dates)

Nb of sessions/week321
Full rate£399£273£152
Concessionary rate£239£164£91
Total Number of sessions1086633

Fees for a Term commitment (See the calendar to see the dates)

Nb of sessions/week321
Full rate£163£109£54
Concessionary rate£98£65£32
Total Number of sessions362412

Fees for a 4 weeks commitment

Nb of sessions/week321
Full rate£54£36£18
Concessionary rate£33£22£12
Total Number of sessions1284

Bank details

You can pay directly to the bank account:
Sort Code 80-22-60
Account Number 22986060
Account name: UNICITY

If you wish to enrol for commitment but you cannot pay for the moment.
Please, talk to us and we will find out a solution.