Registration form for Self-defence Edinburgh

Code of conduct

You must not wear jewellery or watches during training.
You agree to be punctual by arriving preferably earlier so that we are all ready to start when class commences.
You must not chew gum.
Mobile phones must be turned off during the session. Mobile phones inadvertently left on during training may not be answered unless you ask for permission from the rest of the attendees. (“on-call” for work or personal expected important call.
You agree to not attend the sessions under the influence of any drugs.

You must always be courteous and helpful to each other.
Physical contact between you and other attendees must be appropriate to the situation and necessary for the skill development of all of you.
Sexual harassment, defined as being where a person is subjected to unwanted or uninvited sexual behaviour, will not be tolerated.
Any form of discrimination not be tolerated.

Registration form

Once we will receive your registration, we will send you the bank details to get the 5,45 pounds deposit.

Do you consent Judo / Junomichi School Scotlandtaking photographs / videos, to be used in publications or other media including (but not limited to): the club website, brochures, newspapers, magazines, etc.
I agree to the code of conduct shown above.