Self-defence Edinburgh

Self Defence Edinburgh
Confidence and Autonomy

Introduction to preserving yourself.

This society is moving towards a balance, but there is still some work to be done.

For instance, when a person could be targetted, verbally, and physically

Self-defence Edinburgh for women, young women, men, and young men.
Knowing techniques is irrelevant if you don’t know yourself

We should have freedom and safety in our communities.

I understood what’s going on in these circumstances when I voluntarily conveyed civilians in the middle east from war zones into safer areas. Mostly women and children who suffered physically from the consequences of war and slave traders.

Self-defence for women

Self-defence for men

Special subjects and attention will be opened for women.

I don’t forget the men who put themselves in danger because sometimes of too much false self-confidence

But most of the time the outcome would be the same.
One of the solutions is not to give any grips to wrongdoers.

Fear doesn’t take away danger.

Predators can feel these 2 types of fear and will take advantage of the fear with panic they feed on and need to survive.

However they will be very cautious, even will stay away from the second one because they might be injured (physically / emotionally) and they need to remain “intact” to keep predating.

For Self-preservation / Self-defence you do not need to befit.
You can not say to an abuser ( verbal or physical one): “Hang on, can you wait and come back later when I’ll be in a better shape?”

For self-preservation / Self-defence you do not need to practice Karate, Krav Maga or other jujitsu techniques for years.
You won’t say to the same aggressor: “My training is not finished, coma back in a few months, I might be ready there. Ok?”

Self-preservation/Self-defence is a state of mind. You evaluate how you know yourself to rise your commitment to feeling better and hopefully in very rare circumstances to surviving.

How much does it cost?

the attendee fee will be 19 pounds per session and per person.
A deposit of 5 pounds is required to participate.

Level 1 session: Saturday 11th December 2021
From 2:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Level 1 session :

Lutton Place (The exact address will be given once you are registered)