Your first Junomichi session

You are welcome to join in.

Duration 1H15 to 1H30.
For teenagers and adults only.
With Junomichi (Judo martial art) there is no age limit.

From Cambridge’s dictionary, a player is “someone in a game or a sport”.

Therefore, we are not “Judo Player”.

We practice and study Judo, more precisely we study Junomichi (Judo Martial Art from the founder Dr. Kano)
Unfortunetly, today, Judo is nearly almost considered as an Olympic sport/game, smething that Dr Kano refused to to step in.

Mat fee when you feel ready

We don’t teach Junomichi / judo for business. This is our way of life and we wish to share it.

When you would feel it, you can pay a mat fee of £ 2 or 2.5 per session.
However, we don’t want to receive any money for the first sessions.

Where : Newington area, Edinburgh.
The dojo is located in a residential house, so you will receive the exact address once you will register for your first session.

What to wear for the first sessions?

For the first session, just loose clothes to facilitate your movement.
We practise in bare feet.

Normally Judoka wears a Judogi (White jacket and trousers and a belt to keep the jacket tight).

Information about you