We study and practice
Martial Arts/Original Judo – Jujitsu (Not Sports Judo).

Judo – Jujitsu School
Inch Park Community Sports Club.

Judo – Jujitsu for Adults and Teenagers ONMY
Wednesday from 19:30 to 21:00

The first session is free.

If you need information, we will welcome your message and answer your questions.

What do we do in Martial Art / Original Judo – Jujitsu?

We practice the Original Judo the martial art officially created by Dr. Jigoro Kano in 1882 and Orginal Jujitsu

His aim was to create a better society by educating the body and the mind together.
This is why he always refused to transform his creation into a sport.

We carry out research, the main materials are body, mind, and sensations.
JUNOMICHI (Judo martial art and original Judo) adopts five principles mobility, non-opposition, parry, control, and decision.

The ORIGINAL / JUDO / JUJITSU practitioners research these principles through different exercises (uchi komi, kata, randori and shiai), inherited from the judo of Jigoro Kano.

Self-preservation / Self-defence Edinburgh