Mondays: original Judo for Intermediate and Advanced practitioners (Minimum Brown Belt).
Open to all Judo School School Scotland members.

Wednesdays: Japanese Jujutsu (Westernised name Jujitsu)) and Original Judo for beginners.

Thursdays: Japanese Jujitsu and Original Judo for everybody

Edinburgh School of Junomichi and Jujitsu grading.

On 7th September 2022

Louise Baker, Chris Cameron, Tony Henry and Scot Mc Millan made a demonstration of their knowledge and Goshiwhat they could also invent to create their own approach.

What do we do in Ju No Michi (Martial Art / Original Judo) – Jujitsu?

We practice the Original Judo the martial art officially created by Dr. Jigoro Kano in 1882 and the Orginal Jujitsu

His aim was to create a better society by educating the body and the mind together.
This is why he always refused to transform his creation into a sport.

We carry out research, the main materials are body, mind, and sensations.
JUNOMICHI (Judo martial art and original Judo) adopts five principles mobility, non-opposition, parry, control, and decision.

The ORIGINAL / JUDO / JUJITSU practitioners research these principles through different exercises (uchi komi, kata, randori and shiai), inherited from the judo of Jigoro Kano.