Join the Judo School Scotland

The sessions will be available for teenagers up to ……. years old.

Soon Junomichi (Art Martial Judo and not Sports Judo), Jujitsu and Junomichi for teenagers.

If you need information, we will welcome your message and answer your questions.

Self-preservation / Self-defence Edinburgh

We practice JUNOMICHI (The other name for JUDO), the martial art officially created by Dr. Jigoro Kano in 1882.

His aim was to create a better society by educating the body and the mind together.
This is why he always refused to transform his creation into a sport.

We are dedicated to teaching and researching JUNOMICHI / JUDO in its original form.
The practice is for everyone, regardless of your physical condition.

What do we do in Judo?

We carry out research, the main materials are body, mind, and sensations.
JUNOMICHI (Judo martial art) adopts five principles mobility, non-opposition, parry, control, and decision.

The JUNOMICHI / JUDO practitioners research these principles through different exercises (uchi komi, kata, randori and shiai), inherited from the judo of Jigoro Kano.