For me, harmonies are a set of musical notes that go well together.

What should be put in place to allow individual notes to feel good with others?

It’s strange because the answer to this question echoes one of the last courses in which I participated at Perros-Guirec led by Werner Knoll (Huguette’s companion of 40 years), which had the theme of harmony.

Harmony in an orchestra works well with a conductor… of an orchestra. Is it possible to achieve harmony with individuals who practice judo on a tatami as part of a seminar without a conductor?

The Edinburgh seminar in November 2023 showed that harmony between participants is possible without a leader… And yet there was a great sharing of waves.

During this seminar, I felt the vibrational exchanges were multiple. The exchanges were deep and gentle. Maybe this is due to the fact that we were all guided by the same objectives and the same “discipline”? At this workshop were as if they wanted their own vibrations to marry with those of their partner. Everyone wanted to share their undulation and to complement the undulations of those around them. At the end of the seminar, we even visited the waves imagined by Mr. Hirano.

This setting of our bodies to music allows me to propose areas of research for sharing our tempos:

. Seek a permanent forward movement (in time, space and attention)

. Seeking to make the rhythm of one’s body available for the benefit of the couple’s movement

These guidelines allow us to access

. The power of our body when each of its elements are united

. The power of our body in its natural postures such as those of walking

Power is understood here as the capacity to do a lot with a little.

I therefore thank all the participants in this seminar for giving me so much pleasure through these simple harmonics with just our bodies!…


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