“Practice Junomichi diligently and regularly, fully embracing its principles, except in cases of unavoidable circumstances or justifiable reasons determined by the practitioner’s conscience.”

  1. Ensure the safety of oneself and fellow practitioners by avoiding any practices that may cause harm, both in the form and essence of the techniques.

  2. Replace any trace of aggression in all Junomichi exercises with a quest for precise movements and a balanced attitude, emphasising personal improvement over comparison with others.”

  3. As practitioners, starting from the Gakusei level (First Dan), we are encouraged to actively promote and share the essence and original idea of Junomichi as envisioned by Master JIGORO KANO and Mister IGOR CORREA LUNA.

  4. Adopt the form of Junomichi presented by teachers and professors while nurturing a personal quest for knowledge, actively engaging with fellow students in a spirit of mutual progress.
  5. Find joy and happiness in the practice, considering Junomichi as an educational practice that enhances both physical and mental well-being.

  6. This charter should be meditated upon, and in doing so, it transforms into an honourable commitment, serving as a testimony to our dedication to the essence of Junomichi, its community, and the practice itself.”

  7. Recognise that Junomichi is a profound path of bodily exploration and understanding of attitude, allowing us to delve into the principles established by Dr. Kano.