It’s quite fun to do judo with people who do Sports Judo.

In my opinion, these people have no understanding of judo because fear prevents them from making decisions. Fear puts them in a position to calculate tactics and strategies.

These people always remain indecisive because of fear.

Fear of losing. This situation always puts them in a loser context because they lose what Dr Kano has taught us.

When I went to sports judo dojos, I quickly realised that they don’t know what a randori is. It looks like a gesture. Gesticulation to implement their strategy. But it is already too late. I don’t make strategies, I make decisions.

I can’t decide and then do an action. This entails 2 steps. I act immediately.

You have to do encompassing, be mobile and control at the same time.

At the same time.

If all these elements are not together at the very same time, we do not practice Judo. . On the other hand, if one is missing and we seek to do them all together, if we continue the research, then we are doing judo.

There are no strategies in Judo. Developing a plan in advance takes too much time.

If there is a person in front of me who puts my life in danger, I must react, I must not think.

I don’t have to ask myself “Do I have to…”. No, it’s right away.

I do something to stay alive.

In Judo martial art, it’s the same thing.

For this, we must stay awake and act in action.

In martial art judo, there is a close connection between the hara and the rest of the body and the mind. They are constantly in action and link.

People who do sports judo cannot understand this because they are motivated by getting a medal.

Someone who does not seek this connection, who does not work on it, who does not feel it cannot act with mobility, control, decision and encompassing. This is part of the education of judo, you have to use your belly.

It is difficult because, in order to undertake to develop it, one must have felt in oneself what this connection is.

To coordinate one’s hara and thoughts, there are exercises one can do every day. This trains the ability to make decisions with the whole body.

These decisions are not made in just any position.

If the body is open, the decision is diluted and there is neither concentration of energy nor concentration of thought.

If the body is closed, the energy is only that of fear.

For both of these reasons, there are neurological reasons that would be out of place for discussion in this post.

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