Gesticulation to implement strategies, lack of commitment, fear of falling (instead of doing Ukemi), and working with muscles and not with the Hara, keep us away from making decisions, right now.

Deciding and then doing an action entails 2 steps.

Judo is a matter of acting immediately.

Acting now means three things at the same time, 1 encompassing, 2 being mobile and 3 self-controlling.

All these actions at the same time.

If these three elements are not together at the very same time, we do not practice Judo, this is something else.
On the other hand, if one is missing and we seek to do them all together, it means we continue the research, then we are doing judo.

There is no strategy in Judo. Developing a plan in advance takes too much time and we end up manipulating our partner.

If there is a person in front of me who puts my life in danger, I must react now, I must not think.

I don’t have to ask myself “Do I have to…”. No, it’s right away. I do something to stay alive.

Original Judo (or Ju No Michi) is a Martial Art.

We must stay awake and aware to “act within the action“.

In martial art judo, there is a close connection between the Hara and the rest of the body and the mind. They are constantly linked in action.

We constantly seek this connection. We, nearly daily, work on it in order to feel it. Then, on a daily basis, non-opposition, mobility, control, decision and encompassing become more and more part of what we are as human beings.

To coordinate one’s Hara and thoughts, there are exercises one can do every day. This trains the ability to make decisions with the whole body.

We remain oriented towards our partner/friend/the other human being. If not, the decision is diluted and there is neither concentration of energy nor concentration of thought. If the body is shut down with tension, the energy comes from fear. Then the decision can’t be made.

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