JU NO MICHI Kagami biraki – 2024

Theme: Tokyo Hirano

Mr. Tokio Hirano and Mr. Correa were friends. There are few privileged people in our federation who had the opportunity to study under Mr. Hirano’s supervision, especially the Nanatsu No Kata.

In order to mark this day, we had the visit of Tokyo Hirano’s daughter and her husband.

On Saturday morning, we were all on the tatamis at 9:00, starting with free practice until the official opening time at 9:30.

We studied Ne Waza control based on Dr. Kano, Mr. Correa, and Tokio Hirano‘s principles, emphasizing hara mobility and no opposition. This work was followed by Tachi Waza practice and randori. At 12:30, we stopped for a lunch break and resumed at 3:00 until 6:30.

The afternoon was the heart of the ceremony. This is nearly the only time when people above the 5th Dan (Hon Renshi) wear the white – red and red belts.

The first part of the afternoon started with a practice of the Nanatsu No Kata, followed by nearly 2 hours of non-stop Shiai. Each person above 2nd Dan did a minimum of 20 Shiai.

Then, the colour belts were invited to practice Shiai with the Black belts. We ended this first day with the Glass of Friendship, an essential part to reinforce the links between Ju No Michi practitioners.

Sunday morning started at 9:00 and stopped at 12:00. We studied the Nanatsu No Kata and did randori to put into practice the sensations acquired during the kata.

Today, at Judo School Scotland, Nanatsu No Kata is part of the repertoire to understand true original Judo.

Tokio Hirano - Nanatsu No Kata - 1986