Judo is based upon 2 foundations:

  1. Inter help for a Mutual
  2. ProsperityEfficiency use of the Energy

In order to study these 2 foundations, there are 5 principals:

  1. No Opposition
  2. Hara Mobility
  3.  Decision
  4. Encompassing
  5. Self-Control

To learn these principles, the practitioner needs tools.
They are divided into 2 sets:

  1. A professional musician practises scales, every day.
    In Real Judo/Ju No Michi, we study the techniques by using the KATAS
  2. Then the Gyoko made up techniques TACHI WAZA, Nage Waza, Kwantsesu Waza, Shime Waza, Atemi Waza

Access to these techniques is password-protected and only available to Ju No Michi students.