JÛ NO KATA, created by Dr. Jigoro Kano, consists of three sets of five movements, which are taught as lessons.

This kata demands more attention to the partner than usual and has a very particular educational dimension.

Ju No Kata is of paramount importance for understanding Junomichi (or Real Original Judo).

Through its slowness, continuity, and absence of ukemi, it is the way for a practitioner of JUNOMICHI to be gentle, with a firm resolution that drives UKE’s and Tori’s decision-making, along with the pursuit of a more complete self-control to study the foundational principles of Judo.

The attacks are sincere and effective. It is with this principle that Uke and Tori  keep maintaining a constant connection between their hara throughout the actions.

Uke maintains control by extending his body. He finds a way to delay the moment of ukemi as long as possible.

Tori continues to pursue his control in the attack on Uke.

Daï ikkyô - First teaching

Daï Nikkyô - Second teaching

Coming soon: Daï Nikyô and Daï Sankyô