Seminar organised by our federation (AIJF)

On the17th and 18th of June, we went to a seminar organised by our federation (Autonomous and International Junomichi Federation) in Brittany (Perros Guirec)

We shared beautiful moments of judo and friendship.

The introduction and the spirit of this seminar was carried over by the meaning of the Junomichi emblem that was mentioned at the beginning of our seminar (see the photo of the calligraphy below):

The kanji “kokorozashi” is the emblem of Junomichi.

Its interpretation expresses the goal towards which practitioners strive.
It carries what is unsaid on the tatami, a message that goes beyond the specific practice of Junomichi.

The formula represented by “kokorozashi” points to two notions:

Intelligence of the heart and intelligence of the will.

These two poles provide the method.
They guide the Junomichika on the path of “kokorozashi”.

Intelligence of the heart allows Junomichi to exclude any search for strength, power, or elitism.

It leads to adopting a humble attitude, both in relation to others and in practice. Intelligence of the will is the backbone, a support for the individual and their practice. It enables perseverance, which is essential for improvement.