Last Friday, on the 15st of September, we had our second JUNOMICHI session at Oxgangs School of Junomichi, which is a relatively new school.

JUNOMICHI SCOTLAND, is firmly rooted in the foundational principles of Judo and Jujitsu, emphasising concepts like Non-Opposition, Decision, and Encompassing to comprehend Mutual Prosperity and the Efficient Use of Energy.

We study techniques to gain a deeper understanding of these principles.

During our sessions, we explore the concept of freedom through the study of UKEMI, which is often mistranslated as “falling.” In reality, UKEMI means the receiving body, with the Japanese kanji representing a pregnant woman falling to protect her baby.

We also delve into Ne Waza and how to apply ukemi while maintaining self-control. Furthermore, we progress to studying Tegubi Osae, which focuses on elbow and wrist control. This particular practice aids in developing an understanding of our own joints as well as those of our training partners.